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The above video is video 3 of 4 from the required RLSS 'take the toolbox' website.
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The above video is video 4 of 4 from the required RLSS 'take the toolbox' website.
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Terms and Conditions

1. Swimming in our private lake is only for prebooked named guests who are strong swimmers confident in deep water. You must all have accessed the free online RLSS Water Safety Toolkit course from which our safety video is taken. This is essential for all members of your group for your booking to be accepted. This information shows how to react in an emergency, and how to use the safety equipment that we provide for a land-based rescue of a member of your group from the water.

2. Use of our lake and facilities is entirely at your own risk. There is no lifeguard on duty and often nobody else will be there when you arrive for your swim. Each person in your group has a responsibility for the safety of the other swimmers. No lone swimming. A swimmer must always have someone present when they are in the water. It is forbidden to swim or be responsible for the safety of others when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

3. The minimum age for swimmers is 14 years old. No children under 14 years old are allowed on your booking. Do not bring younger children onto our property even to watch, or any other person not specifically recorded on the booking form. A child of 14+ years must be accompanied 1:1 by an adult. Access to our lake is solely for named prebooked swimmers for the period of the booking. You are expected to leave our site promptly at the time your booking ends. The maximum group size is 12 people. You may have spectators or people in your group who do not swim for whatever reason, but they must be named and paid as part of the booking. No swimming outside your booked time, and never after dark.

4. A Tow Float must be worn when swimming. This is a requirement of our insurance policy. Should you get into difficulty it provides buoyancy while your group perform a safe land-based rescue using the safety equipment provided. Enter and exit the water only at marked safe entry point. No standing or wading in shallow water. Stay away from the shallows, there is a risk of sharp flints, entangling weed, or deep mud. Swim towards the middle of the lake where you cannot touch the bottom.

5. Do not bring Alcohol, Dogs, Paddle Boards, Canoes, Kayaks, Fishing Gear, Snorkels, Dive Equipment, Drones or RC boats, Tents, BBQ’s or Campfires or Radios to our lake. We are providing a peaceful venue for swimming only. All of these things can be taken to the River Waveney a short distance away.

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