Lake swimming at South Elmham Lakes

Swimming at South Elmham Lakes

Private Pre-Booked Open Water Swimming Lake near the Waveney Valley on the Norfolk Suffolk border. The lake water quality is excellent and regularly tested, open June-October.

Book and pay online for a group swimming session for 2-12 people. The beautiful secluded 1-acre lake is set in wildflower meadow and sheltered by mature trees.


A group of two people costs £15 per hour, plus £5 for each additional person. A 2-hr session for two people costs £20, £8 for each additional person. Your group can be up to twelve people which must include any non-swimming spectators.

Your group all need to be strong confident swimmers as the lake is deep and you will be out of your depth all the time you are swimming.

All booking is strictly in advance for named swimmers through our web site.

You will have the use of our stunning lake for the duration of your swim, but as no lifeguard is present you will all need to access a basic water safety course before you arrive for the first time.

There are basic changing facilities, and parking is a 5-minute walk away. The lake has excellent water quality and diverse aquatic life. Skylarks sing in the sky above and trout occasionally jump to catch the dragon flies skimming the surface.

The lake temperature varies with the weather and time of day.

You must book at least 1 hour in advance of your swim session arrival, popular times can be reserved further ahead.

My Lake Swimming

Hi, I’m Susie and I have been swimming in open water since my childhood growing up on the Isle of Wight and being in the sea every day of the summer.

Whenever I’m out and about there’s often a costume and towel in my car in case I spot an opportunity to take a dip. On our holidays my family realise that passing a tempting beach, lake, or river always means stopping for a swim.

At first my small children watched wide eyed from the shore as Mummy swam out of sight. Now older they are geared up in wetsuits and follow me like ducklings, our rule being never pass an opportunity for a swim.

I have been swimming in the trout lakes on our farm for years. I love the quiet exhilaration of the water and being so close to nature in such a beautiful place.

My friends think it odd, and I thought I was the only one. It turns out I’m not, there are more of you out there!

It’s been a lot of work putting together a way of sharing my secret swim spot with you and having the chance to make it a part of what we do on our farm.

I am trying to keep things simple so our T&Cs are carefully set to meet the requirements of our insurance company.

We hope you won’t mind having to access the online RLSS safety course the first time you visit us and will support the aim of improved water safety awareness for all swimmers. Hope to see you soon.

See also Guidance for swimmers

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